San Diego, California

Project Info:

Lead Designer: Omar Kakar
Type: Conceptual [School Extension Competition]
Location: 2212 Main Street [San Diego, CA]
Year: 2011
Collaborators: Andrei Galvez & Jessica Torres



Project Description:

The tower is a traditional steel form that we are all accustomed to.  The second form is the unaccustomed organic envelope that attaches to the bridge and tower of this design  school.  This bold organic growth leeches like kudzu vines onto the host structure as an urban creature in the city environment.  Spanning great distance with slenderness and grace, the symbiote envelope exhibits how well steel can be shaped to achieve curved forms.  These two dissimilar steel forms daringly fuse together creating a symbiotic attachment.  Although an uncomfortable architectural relationship, the two function together.  The envelope serves as an exterior finish defining indoor and outdoor spaces for the theater and bridge, as well as a canopy for the viewing deck. The bold design is an appropriate aim to house a place of creativity such as this design center and gallery.