Salacious Kiss

Tijuana, Mexico

Project Info:

Designer: Miguel A. Reyes
Type: Conceptual [Adaptive Re-use]
Location: Hotel Nelson [Tijuana, MX]
Year: 2013



Project Description:

This project is about an experience. It attempts to capture the essence and characteristics of a place. It is not intended to solve any problems, pass judgment or impose an ideology; rather it seeks to celebrate its reality through a spectacle. Long or short, timid or passionate, a kiss is spectacular, the coalition of two similar but not identical bodies, bodies that in moment of collision transform flex, violate, an operation of temporary eccentricity. It is a captivating union during which detachment is implausible yet inescapable. 

The testing ground is an existing building in Tijuana’s Zona Norte, it is a place in constant struggle, shameful yet shameless, cynical yet hopeful, a social duality. The intervention is a passionate kiss to a stubborn Mexican morality. Kissing is also a kind way to say good bye to an old architectural scene in which architecture is unavoidably cast as an appalling character, sometimes victim sometimes villain but always closer to failure than success.