San Diego, California

Project Info:

Designer: Omar Kakar
Type: Theory
Project: Digital Library
Location: Downtown San Diego [Embarcadero Marina Park North]
Year: 2013



Project Description:

Science fiction or science speculation? The public forum that will house all of humanity’s data. The Compendium, where the metaverse meets the built environment, a civic monolith serving as an infrastructure space of information and knowledge for society in the digital age. The current state and advancement of technology and communication has changed societies way of gathering information. Architecture has become complicit with the development of programmatic space without taking into consideration our technologically driven lifestyles.

By integrating the advancing information technology with the connectivity of the metaverse can we experimentally create a new public space. With today’s accessibility to instant data, the library is transforming into a new urban laboratory of gathering and sharing information for the future. This new “digital library” emerges, generating a different idea of an information center, a physical space for the virtual world of the computer over the physical scriptures of books and periodicals. A new performing function of life for a traditional public building, the birth of this digital library will generate a new form of social interaction and accessibility of sharing information. Becoming a compendia, collection of information, binding society with knowledge through multimedia.

Housed in a straightforward elemental form of the monolith, functioning as a cinematectonic slab of panorama information technology, a theateresque platform of viewing society’s growing visual information gallery of the human experience. The monolith, a pure and timeless form of all cultures, becomes the typology for this new space. A subtle yet iconic solution without the over-the-top arbitrary extravagance of ego driven parametric architecture. An easily recognizable building that will become a catalyst for future replication around the world as the new public space for information and communication. Transitioning society from the library, the compendium welcomes the public into our modern high-tech world that is the digital age.