Office Statement:

ohms architects is a multidisciplinary group. It is an experimental practice that seeks to work at different scales and fields. It is a collective not only of individuals but methodologies and perceptions. It is an effort dedicated to mesh opportunities, theories and production.  

ohms architects is a full service architecture, design and research office based out of San Diego, California.


Omar Kakar

Omar is co-founder & partner at ohms architects. Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Omar holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University School of Architecture in San Diego where he was awarded design excellence in history & theory for his thesis work. While receiving recognition for his works, both in film and architecture design, he is working towards becoming a film director & licensed architect. Driven to have meaningful significance by positively contributing to both fields of the profession with progressive concepts. Omar Kakar ultimately strives to live forever through his work.

Hector Aramburo, AIA

Hector is a licensed architect and co-founder of ohms architects. Raised in San Diego California, Hector attended Woodbury University where he received a Bachelor of Architecture. During the length of his education Hector developed high technical skills in 3D modeling and architectural visualization. Hector has won national competitions and has received multiple commissions for design & build work in Mexico. Hector believes architecture is a collective endeavor greater than that of the individual. It is this idea that makes collaborative work an essential key to progression.    

Miguel A. Reyes, Assoc. AIA

Miguel is a designer; he has studied Urbanism & Housing in Mexico and China. Miguel has won and received honorable mentions in national and international design competitions. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University School of Architecture in San Diego, California. He is also co-founder & partner at ohms architects. Miguel is deeply interested in the design process and how we experience architecture. His work aims to capture the poetics of architectural expression through the gentle interplay of feelings and reason.